5 Reasons to Continue Running this Winter

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Here at ProSport Physiotherapy we have treated and given advice to many runners from Halifax and the surrounding area. As with many of you keen runners the aim is to clock up the miles all year round.

Speaking to a few of you recently in clinic, a similar trend seems to be appearing once we move closer towards those winter months. The desire to get out and continue your training this time of year seems to fade. They’re not the only ones, and I’m sure there are many of you who are feeling the same way.

So let us give to you 5 good reasons as to why running in cold weather can actually be of benefit to you, to hopefully pick up that desire once more and continue your training.

 1. It is the ideal weather for running

Believe it or not, the colder the weather the less heat and stress placed on the body. Running in hot weather is taxing, you have to hydrate more so you don’t overhead – this is the reason why most marathons are held towards the tail end of the year.

2. Running in the cold actually promotes weight loss

You can actually burn more calories running the the cold as your body has to expend more energy in keeping you warm – amazing news!

In the Autumn months moving towards Winter, it can be a lot more tempting to move less and eat more. So by taking your running outside you can help to maintain your weight or even lose some if you want to.

3. Running can keep you feeling great

As those cold nights creep in earlier, the dark and gloomy weather can lead to something called seasonal affect disorder (SAD) in some people.

Running can help release hormones to combat this dull feeling, thus increasing your mood states and general well being.

4. Running in the cold will strengthen your heart

Cold weather will make your heart work harder to distribute blood around the body. If you run regularly in the cold, it can make your heart even stronger which will benefit you, your health and fitness, and your training in the long run!

5. You’ll keep in shape

How many of us wait for the run up to the warmer months to make our attempt at getting into shape for our holidays?

If we maintain a regular routine (and by that I mean continue to training in the colder months) it will keep the excuses at bay and allow you to stay on track.

So there you have it 5 reasons why running in the cold is good for you and why you should continue with your training over those cold Winter months.

Just remember, if you decide to train in the colder months, an effective warm-up and cool-down are even more crucial to keep the body in top shape and injuries at bay. Be sure to stretch before and after running, and even treat yourself to a sports massage or some treatment from time to time to keep your body from any nagging pains and injuries.

 If you want to know more about the exact steps you need to take in regards to warm-ups, cool-downs and keeping injuries at bay, sign up for our Runners Toolkit below.

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