Why Do My Aches & Pains Feel Worse In Winter?

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Are your joints starting to feel stiff lately?

Do they ache more than usual?

Have you noticed any clicking or cracking coming from your joints?

If this has began to occur and you’re not too sure why this is the case, don’t worry as you are not alone.

Here at ProSport Physiotherapy, joint pain is one of the most common conditions we see and treat this time of year.

It begins with a few clicks of the knees and ankles every now and then, however it isn’t painful so you generally think nothing of it.

Then as time goes by, these clicks become painful and begin to ache a bit more in your joints.

These clicks and eventual pains and aches can come on at any time. Whether that be walking around the shops or getting off the sofa having been relaxing for a while. they can even make it difficult for you to get out of your car with ease.

When the cold weather begins to hit Yorkshire your joints can begin to feel even worse!

So Why Does This Happen

There are many reasons as to why your joints become more problematic in Winter.

The two most common reasons are as so:

1) The cold weather naturally restricts the warmth of the blood that flows around your body (which helps to keep you warm and mobile)

2) The fact you’re much less likely to keep as active and mobile in the Winter months as you did in the warmer months.

 Why Is It Important To Keep Mobile?

If parts of your bike get stiff you commonly spray WD40 on them to get it moving again right?

Just like your bike, your joints are prone to getting stiff when we don’t move around or keep active. By keeping active we naturally keep our joints flushed with fluid (the bodies WD40).

What many people fail to realise also – the winter months coupled with long periods of inactivity can be the root cause of life long knee pain.

As your muscles lose strength due to being inactive, they’ll become weaker and therefore less likely be able to support your knees as effectively. Worse yet, many people fail to notice this occurring until its too late and the pain has set in.

When your knees dont have the support of strong muscles, problems like arthritis can set in.

This is why it is so important to make the most of everyday opportunities to keep active this Winter, so you can fend off the curse of bad knees and other joints creeping in.

ProSport Physiotherapys No1 Tip for you today is….


It doesn’t have to be outdoors. You can keep active indoors through exercise classes with friends, yoga or pilates in front of the TV or even on an indoor exercise bike.

The options are endless so avoid making excuses and ensure you keep active this Winter!

For more information as to how we can keep active in the Winter months, feel free to contact us.

Call 01484 443173 or Text/Call 07850128386

Email: wecare@prosportphysio.com

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