Can I Run or Should I Rest?

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There are many questions that can cross the minds of keen runners when they are returning from an injury. One of the most common is understanding whether they are okay to begin running again or if they should continue to rest and respect the injury they have had.

Let me start by saying that there is not one single runner out there who doesn’t fear at some point an old injury reoccurring. If you run on a weekly basis and your pain flares up it means you may miss out on certain things, whether that be a social run with friends along your favorite trail or something as general as the endorphin rush that comes from a good run.

What can be done to stop the fear taking over?


Once you have effectively recovered from an injury that was stopping you from running in the first place and you begin to get back into it, we here at ProSport Physiotherapy advise you to take it slow and build yourself back up.

The more time you have off, the more gradually you need to get back into your training.

Let us give you an example…

Say you’ve been injured for 2 to 3 weeks and you haven’t ran for this amount of time, begin with short and steady runs around 2-3 times a week with plenty of rest in between. From there, week after week slowly build up to the sort of distances you were achieving before.

So when you return, start back with a few short easy runs to get your body used to the load and to be sure your injury feels strong enough before you start to push yourself. Just ensure you take your time and do not rush this process as you risk injuring yourself again.

We see so many people not allowing themselves the best chance of staying active and healthy, simply because they haven’t received the appropriate advice. Its very common to be told to go away and do a few exercises and rest for a few weeks.

As well as being told what exercises to do and to rest, you should also be told:

  • Exactly what you may feel when you first return to running
  • What you should expect initially
  • All of the warning signs of an injury to potentially look out for

With this information, your chances of ‘RUNNING IN FEAR’ are greatly reduced.

Lets Summarise…

You can begin running again if your injury is pain free

So long as there is no pain affecting you, you’re good to go!

You should rest if you feel any sharp pain around your injury that doesn’t ease off by slowing down or stopping. Apply ice immediately following for 10-15 minutes.

When it comes to your health, fitness and lifestyle, its important to listen to expert advice – that way you can be sure to get back running much quicker and safer like you deserve.

If you’ve recently returned from an injury and you’re unsure as to whether you can get back to your training again, why not contact us to see how we can help?

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