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Low Back Pain Relief Halifax

Are you experiencing low back pain?

Does it affect you on a day-to-day basis?

Has it stopped you doing the things you enjoy most?

Does it affect your mood?

Many people in West Yorkshire have had their lives affected and altered as a result of low back pain (not just low back but also other areas). At ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax we understand the difficulties you experience. Low back pain relief is one of the most common goals we help people in Halifax experience every day in the clinic. Often referred to as ‘non-specific low back pain’ because of the range of presentations people experience. There is ALOT of misconception about pain and low back pain and what is CAUSING your low back pain. Please visit our explaining pain blog post and video for more information.

We listen to your story to understand and discover the root cause of your pain rather than just treating your symptoms. We find this gives the people we help long lasting solutions to their pain and you can too.

You see, Low back pain can be driven by a number of factors both emotional and physical. Your lifestyle, your daily stresses, your previous injuries, the demands placed upon your body and bone structure can all influence your pain. We understand these will be unique to you. Therefore, the treatment you receive from us will be unique to you and your story. This has to be specific to you if you want to receive long lasting low back pain relief and that is our ultimate goal. We are not interested in just ‘managing’ your back pain but what you to take back control of your body and change your brain’s perception of what is causing this problem, that ultimately results in the very much conscious experience of pain that you are living with now.

We will work with you to develop strategies to reduce the impact your lifestyle may be having on the pain you are experiencing. A lot of people fear their low back pain. They feel they cannot perform certain movements due to previous experiences and advice. For example, many people struggle bend forward to pick something up. At ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax we will educate you on what are good movements at the moment for you and give you the confidence to move pain-free again. We can help speed this process up using our hands on treatment approach combined with our exercise therapy including our online video library available to all our patients.

Your previous injuries and the demands placed upon your body can result in protective tension to keep you safe from a perceived threat. Please see our explaining pain blog post for more information on this concept again. Regardless of where this protective tension occurs it can reduce range of motion at a joint. This can cause a chain reaction through the body resulting in you having to move differently and hence may be a key driver in you experiencing pain. This means that your old ankle or knee injury may be influencing your low back pain. At ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax, we use hands on treatment techniques to restore your movement and combat your pain resulting in long lasting low back pain relief. We then provide you with exercises bespoke to your needs from our online exercise library to reinforce the work done in your appointment. This may include addressing the old injuries first and foremost.

There is always hope of experiencing low back pain relief and taking control of your body. Never settle for a diagnosis of ‘my parents had this pain and so I am prone to it’ or ‘I have a bulging disc’. These are poorly informed terms that unfortunately many people believe. PAIN DOES NOT MEAN DAMAGE! Pain is simply present to help you take action and make a change to your current state. 

Take action and take control of your pain today. Feel free to call us on 01484 443173 or 07850128386 or email: wecare@prosportphysio.com and allow us help you take action.

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Many people believe that bending forward will somehow cause them further damage and hence use ‘bracing’ or adaptive strategies. This can then result in changes in both movement and emotional behaviour. PAIN DOES NOT MEAN DAMAGE. At ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax, we help you take back control of your body and show you ways to regain control of your body. 

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