Physio Screening Halifax – Part 1: Reduce Your Chances of Getting Injured

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Physio Screening Halifax

At ProSport Physiotherapy we don’t just treat people in pain. We support a number of people achieve their goals with our professional physio screening as used on the Huddersfield Giants, Halifax Rugby League Club and numerous other professional athletes in a variety of sports. This screening process is also available to all members of the public of Halifax, West Yorkshire regardless or sporting ability or event you are preparing for.

Whether you are training for a marathon, competing in the crossfit open or you have taken up running to support your summer weight loss goals, we understand that an injury can really set you back.

Research shows that the biggest predictor of injury is previous injury. Many injuries, although they no longer produce any symptoms, can continue to influence how the whole body moves. This change can be caused by protective tension following an injury. We all know somebody who is injury prone. This may be down to bad luck, or it could be as a result of protective tension predisposing them injury.

At ProSport Physiotherapy, we think differently. All of our physiotherapists are trained to perform full body movement assessments to identify the movement limitations you may have. We look at your gait, how each joint moves independently and then how each joint interacts in a number of functional movement patterns. This in combination with a detailed injury history will enable us to identify your risk factors for injury.

We don’t just identify your risk factors, we work with you to eliminate them. We use hands on treatment techniques to remove protective tension caused by previous injuries allowing you to move with freedom. We reinforce our hands on treatment techniques with exercises from our online exercise library. What makes us different is that these exercises will be bespoke to YOUR specific needs.

Beyond this, we can advise you on strategies to monitor your risk of injury. In professional sport objective daily markers are used to monitor an athlete’s injury risk. These daily markers assess how your body is moving each day and guide how to reduce your chances of injury. We are able to explain to you how to integrate these into your training.

Part 2 in this Bulletproof Your Body series will address the importance of managing the load of your training.

Physio Screening Halifax – Part 1: Reduce Your Chances of Getting Injured

Our hip rotation screen allows us to assess for any protective tension your nervous system may have set upon your muscles initially as a short term plan but long term may be impacting your ability to utilise your joints and tissues in a more efficient manner, which is vital to sporting success. 

If you are training for an event or would like an MOT, feel free to contact us now to take the first step in taking back control of your body. Email or call 01484 443173 / 07850128386 now to book an initial assessment and allow us to support and guide you living life pain free.

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