Physiotherapy Halifax Exercise of the Week: How to do a Bent Over Row

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ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax Exercise of the Week: The Bent Over Row

In this week’s ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax exercise of the week we are covering the Bent Over Row. This exercise is great for strengthening the back but is commonly done incorrectly and can be another one to cause people’s back muscles to go into protective tension. In this episode we will show you how to do it correctly and what costly errors to avoid this happening and get full value from the exercise.

Teaching Points

  • Deadlift bar from the floor
  • Hinge hips backwards, have a slight bend at the knees and torso positioned at around a 45 degree angle
  • Arms extended directly below shoulders
  • Row barbell to bottom of the chest, pull leading with the elbows
  • Body stays in the same position throughout the exercise.

Commons Errors

  • Rounding the back
  • Row don’t curl
  • Standing as you pull the bar up
  • Moving knees during the movement, They should be bent and hamstring should be firing
  • Weight in toes
  • Head looking up

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