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At The Very Least, Reading This ‘5 Ways To Overcome Knee Pain’ Limited Time Free Report Could Ease Knee Pain By More Than Those Costly And Inappropriate Pills


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  • Understand what your knee pain is and more importantly IS NOT!
  • What that sharp pain or tooth ache may really be
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We deal with all types of Knee Pain Injuries in Professional Sporting Athletes, Amateur Sporting Athletes and Non Sporting Clients

At ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax, Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic we have unrivalled experience in dealing with all types of knee injuries. We have successfully rehabbed complex multilligament knee reconstruction injuries, complex osteoarthritis knees, ACL reconstructions, MCL injuries, LCL injuries, patellofemoral pain, runner’s knee, IT band syndrome, chronic knee tendonitis problems and unexplained or undiagnosed knee problems.

We think differently to most in that we do not just give you the same old exercises as the guy next door. After a thorough assessment and history of your past injuries we look at how your body is moving in the present day in overcoming past injuries. This can give us massive clues into what may be truly driving your knee pain. If we can find this, then usually we will be successful in helping our clients resolve even the most complex and chronic knee pain problems.

If you would like our help in finding the true cause of the problems driving your knee pain then please contact us on 01484 443173 or 07850128386 so we can help you get on the right road to solving this pain once and for all. Alternatively you cane mail Rachel on and she will be happy to help find a time that suits you to get you on the road of living pain free. 

The Knee Is Caught In The Middle With Nowhere To Go!

Still suffering from long-standing knee pain that you are struggling to shrug off for a while, let us find the real reason it keeps coming back and address it!

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Elite Sports Injuries Testimonials

  • "ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax are a great set of clinicians that take the great pride in their work. I've had the please of been assessed and treated by their therapists on numerous occasions and every time they are able to come to a quick swift and effective solution to my issues. I would not hesitate in recommending these guys to anyone and indeed continue to do so regularly!"

    Eorl Crabtree Professional Rugby League Player
  • "Dave is a top class physiotherapist who has a unique ability to find the true cause of the problem and treat effectively very quickly. This is essential for sports people but also effective for non sporting people. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave and his team to take care of your problems."

    Paul O'Connell Professional Rugby Union Player, British and Irish Lions and Ireland Rugby Union

Non Sports Injuries Testimonials

  • "Amazing results in a very short time. Cannot recommend your services enough. You took me from hobbling to running better than ever!"

    Alison Pearson Runner, Halifax
  • "If I have a injury I have been to see these guys and they fix u like magic lol they are brill, very knowledgable, give you follow up help and I would not now go anywhere else :-)"

    Vanessa Fitness Instructor
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