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Running Injuries Treatment Halifax

Running Injuries Treatment Halifax

Why choose Pro Sport Physiotherapy Halifax for Running Injuries?

ProSport Physiotherapy has built a rock solid trust with running clubs, coaches and members across Yorkshire BECAUSE of their swift diagnosis and resolution to symptoms to allow athletes of all levels to get their mileage and training back on track in record time. This combined with our high quality leading Sports Massage Service and Running Packages it really is the One Stop Running Shop Halifax!

Due to the ProSport Physiotherapy unique diagnosis and movement system and our guarantee of 100% hands-on treatment our patients have been able to resume Marathon, Iron man, Triathlon and 10K training in record time and maintain the tight and demanding volume of training required to succeed. We are aware of the need to maintain fitness adaptations while injured and our experience of dealing with injured athletes while maintaining and improving pre injury fitness levels are unrivalled.

Pro Sport Physiotherapy Halifax unique methods can be found in our new website specially for running injury prevention and performance. All our runners receive this unique assessment and treatment methodology first hand in our clinics in Halifax!

Running Injuries Treatment Halifax

ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax are published monthly in Athletics Weekly offering the same cutting edge tips and techniques used by their elite athletes on a daily basis.

How can Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield improve my PBs immediately after returning from injury?

The ProSport Physiotherapy approach to athletic injuries ensures that the patient’s injury is not only 100% resolved in minimal treatment sessions but also their stride length and running efficiency is also improved. As a result many patients experience increased performance due to improved stride efficiency. This is achieved via looking at the whole body and not just the site of pain to ensure we detect and eliminate any underlying issues that decrease performance. We use our expert hands-on treatment and unrivalled knowledge of movement and strength and conditioning techniques, that we use daily with our professional sports people.

How the ProSport Physiotherapy System works…

The Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield treatment system ensures that our patients are discharged with a solid movement foundation. This allows the athlete to build a solid platform and volume of training to increase their buffer zone to increase their performance. The athlete’s foundation is no longer built of sand but of optimal movement efficiency to allow the correct muscles to work through their training.

How can this improve my times?

If an athlete takes 10,000 steps in an average 5 mile run but their stride length or recruitment pattern of muscles is inefficient, then overuse issues can quickly develop. When ProSport Physiotherapy patients are discharged their underlying issues are not only addressed and rectified but they are giving unique strategies to ensure they maintain their solid foundation that was built during their treatment plan. This allows the athlete to run with an efficient gait pattern from step 1 and therefore cut time off their PBs from the very first step rather than attempting to chase that PB in the final 2,000 steps under fatigue. The improved stride length and recruitment patterns also ensure that each step is less taxing on the joints and yet is propelling the athlete further with less energy expenditure EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Although difficult to notice change at each individual step, this has massive rewards over tens of thousands of steps each week.

How will I feel the difference in my running pattern?

Many of our patients report such changes as feeling less fatigued in certain muscles straight after a run or the following day. Others say they now start a run like they were two to three miles in as opposed to previously taken two miles to limber up and get into that efficient stride. This means that the first 4,000 steps are now working towards cutting that PB time as opposed to previously slowing the athlete’s times down initially. Others report now being able to handle more weekly mileage without any aches and pains and recovering quicker after runs. Others feel more relaxed and balanced when running.

How do you know my stride length will improve and be more efficient?

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield, we use unique assessment and screening techniques that we also use daily getting our elite athletes back in battle in record times. From the very first treatment session we use objective markers and tests to ensure that our expert hands on treatment techniques not only address the cause of the injury but that you are making parallel gains in improving your movement efficiency and stride. This ensures that you are discharged in the right path and are given a package of individualised pre training movements and exercises to MAINTAIN and further improve your movement efficiency and ensure that you are taking time off the clock from the very first step!

If you have long-standing running injuries that you are struggling to shrug off for a while, then let us find the real reason it keeps coming back and address it! Call us now to book an appointment on 01484 443173 or book on-line now by clicking HERE.

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