Sciatica Treatment Halifax

Sciatica Treatment Halifax

sciatic treatment halifax, west yorkshire

A True Pain In The Bum…

Sciatic nerve pain is a pain that runs down the back of the leg usually. However this term is used very frequently and we find often it is an inaccurate diagnosis that is overused. True sciatic nerve pain will run down all the way to the foot. Most people experience this pain just above the knee which can very often be due to small little nerves in the bum cheeks been compressed.

This can easily be eradicated by finding out the exact reason these nerves are been compressed. By doing this we usually find the symptoms resolve once and for all without returning. This is why WE THINK DIFFERENTLY. We will always strive to find the true cause which will be UNIQUE to YOU and YOU ONLY. We have helped numerous people from Halifax and surrounding areas recover fully from both true sciatica nerve pain and also other forms of pain in the back of the leg and bum cheek.

If you would like us to help you resolve this pain once and for all then please contact us on 01484 443173 or text call 07850128386 to allow us to help you find the true cause of the symptoms and resolve once and for all. Additionally you can email where she will be happy to book you into a slot that suits you so we can get you on the correct path to living your life pain free and without restriction. 

Best sciatica treatment exercises for the people of Halifax, West Yorkshire:

Sciatic Treatment Exercise – Hip Rotation Movements

While every person is unique and this means that the true driver of your pain will be different to the next person, there is some movements that may offer temporary relief by allowing the muscles and joints to experience full ranges of motion as we move to teach the brain to move pain free again.

Starting Position:
Standing feet shoulder width apart.

Place hands on hips if needs be and twist pelvis so your trouser zipper line faces 9 O’Clock without your feet moving, ensuring they stay straight ahead.

Coaching Key:
The balls of your big and little toes will want to come off the floor, this could be a sign of the muscles around the hip offering protective tension. Do not allow this to happen and only move pain free as far as this allows.

You Should Feel:
As if you were getting a gently stretching sensation in your hip muscles.

sciatica pain treatment exercise in halifax west yorkshire

If you have sciatica or pain in the bum cheeks and it keeps returning, please get in touch below and let us find the true cause for you today!

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  • "ProSport Physiotherapy Halifax are a great set of clinicians that take the great pride in their work. I've had the please of been assessed and treated by their therapists on numerous occasions and every time they are able to come to a quick swift and effective solution to my issues. I would not hesitate in recommending these guys to anyone and indeed continue to do so regularly!"

    Eorl Crabtree Professional Rugby League Player
  • "Dave is a top class physiotherapist who has a unique ability to find the true cause of the problem and treat effectively very quickly. This is essential for sports people but also effective for non sporting people. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave and his team to take care of your problems."

    Paul O'Connell Professional Rugby Union Player, British and Irish Lions and Ireland Rugby Union

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  • "A 140-mile round trip to visit Dave is well worth it as he's restored my confidence to overcome injury, using techniques you will probably not encounter elsewhere. Dave's manner is excellent, taking time to explain things simply and being available to clarify concerns. Many exercises prescribed are provided by video link with is far superior to the dodgy photocopied exercise sheets traditionally supplied as they ensure you can review and perform your rehab using good technique. In my opinion the ProSport experience is years ahead of the game as it adopts the advances being made in its field whereas regular Yellow Pages clincs stick to dated methods. A big plus is that Dave is also interested in getting you right."

    Chris Ex Chronic Back Pain
  • "The first time I saw Dave with chronic back pain I was struggling to walk properly when I went in but I walked out more or less back to normal, and this is a normal result for Dave. The treatments are different to any I've experienced but my whole posture, long term injuries and problems continue to improve. Although some of the treatments are not pleasant the pain is well worth it for the results gained. If you need a physio go and see Dave and/or his colleagues."

    Rob Ex Back Pain Patient
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